Sunday, August 24, 2014

Distelfink and a Doll Head

I made another distelfink - this one in non-traditional colors. My friend gave me some vintage fabric printed with little distelfinks and I used it on the wings and head.

I'm trying out doll-making, too. This is a practice head that did not come out too well. I put the back of the head on upside down and her nose did not fill out properly. The ears are supposed to be elf ears LOL. And next time I will make the eyes and mouth larger.

Next I'm going to practice hands and feet - that should be fun! Arms and legs are also something I've never done, but the body should be a breeze.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Great Weekend!

I joined a doll making group this weekend whose members are both talented and interesting. Check out their blog at Indy Cloth Doll Makers. We had a fun group meeting and there was a lot of lovely show and tell. Afterwards we had lunch at Jokamo's Pizza with more lively conversation.

When I got home, my new sewing machine extension table had arrived. This will make a flat surface for free motion quilting and I really love it. Check out buying one for your machine at All Brands.

The members of my new doll making group wear pin doll/name tags to the meetings. Don't laugh, this is the first doll I've ever made (not counting the corn husk doll at day camp LOL.) She's about 5" tall - the fancy clip on her belly is for hanging the pins I'll receive for bringing completed dolls to the group meetings.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Baby Birds

Two Baby Dark Birds

I made these two birds for my mom's birthday gift. I did a little free motion quilting with shiny thread on the fabric before cutting out the pieces. I sort of followed the batik pattern - or at least started off that way.